Samson Blinded: A Machiavellian Perspective on the Middle East Conflict
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Why the name, Samson Blinded? One allusion is to the Samson option, Israels nuclear capability. Other parallels are with Samsons death. He conducted suicide operation millennia before the Jews started to blame Palestinians for the same. After the Philistines blinded him, he allegedly killed 3,000 of them along with himself. Israeli politicians drive her to the same fate. Their policies invite terrorist nuclear attack and annihilation of much of the Middle East in retaliation. I thought that analysts tendentiously ignore this obvious outcome, and was glad recently to read similar opinion of Ralph Peters.

The Samson Blinded dissects honestly the problems which have accumulated since the Jews returned to Palestine.Espousing political rationalism, it deplores both Muslim and Jewish myths and advocates measures which Machiavelli would, I believe, suggest were he writing today.

Addressed principally to Jews, the book may also interest many Americans in the aftermath of the onset of the so-called war on terrorism.Dealing with topics ranging from ethics to history to politics to asymmetrical warfare, it angers Jews and Muslims, Americans and Egyptians, liberals and conservatives, hawks and doves, all alike.

Several authors have honestly expounded the Middle Eastern conflict in general and terrorism specifically, but moral preconceptions stopped them short of articulating the rational consequences of their thought.I argue for efficiency and separating politics from moralism.

This book is only realistic, and I regret that many people misinterpret it as advocacy of fascism or war crimes. I realize, however, that the book is a boon to Zionist conspiracy buffs, and a valuable replacement for the Protocols of the Elders of Zion forgery. Enjoy.

I want to keep the book free on Internet; no commercial publisher would agree to it.

You can help us promote this book: link to it from your web site, post a link on forums and newsgroups, or mail the link to others. Translation assistance is very much welcome.

I have written dozens of articles on economics, politics, and asymmetrical warfare; essays on ethics and political philosophy; and a book on religion.I also served in various public offices.

I use pen name (ID 338295) for several reasons:

-because Rav Kahane was forced out of the Knesset for simply promoting transfer of Israeli Arabs to Palestine,

- to avoid offending friends and colleagues who hold different views,

-to continue traveling to Muslim countries under my real name, and

-submitting to the request of the security guys.

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